The Food

While you’re waiting…



On The Med (Our cheese platter +)-10

Morbier, house made soft cheese & Chilied Peach Jam. Served w/ Garny Salad & Grilled Breads!



The Now Infamous Goat Toast -11

Grilled Sourdough Panini stuffed w/ herbED goat cheese & finished w/ sweet roasted tomato & balsamic reduction.


Wrappin’ Asian -11

Mix of Shitake & Tofu Rendered w/ Garlic & Ginger. Stuffed A Top Crisp Romaine LeaVES w/ Fresh Cabbages & Vegetables w/ Gluten Free Soy Lime Vinaigrette. (Gluten free)


K2’s Gefta of Kefta -10

Our take on Mediterranean Beef Kabob w/out Sticks. Served Over Yogurt Cheese & Drizzled w/ Achiote Vinaigrette.


Temp Tang Citrus Shrimp -11

Sweet Shrimp In Seasoned House Tempura Cooked Golden, Served w/ a Spicy Citrus Dippin’ Sauce.


Public House Fries-

Again Your Choice -7

Lemon Truffle, Spiced Cilantro, or Thyme


Add Chicken for 5, Steak for 7, Shrimp for 7 or

Market Fish to any Salad Below


Caesar Be Creepin - 7

Romaine Hearts tossed w/ Our Caesar Spun w/ Summer’s Blend of Fire Roasted Chilies, Pecorino & Grilled sour dough. This is spicy delicious!  


Summer Citrus Salad - 7

Organic baby arugula & Kale tossed w/ a Blood Orange Vinaigrette, Almond Brittle & Crumbled Goat Cheese. (Gluten free)


Getting R Geeky On - 8

Fresh Herbs, BULGAR WHEAT & Greens Tossed w/ Diced Tomato, Cucumber & Lemon Garlic Vinaigrette. Finished w an Olive Menage & Feta.


Romaine Wedged Out - 10

Grilled romaine Topped w/ Creamy Stilton Dressing, Pork Belly & Oven Dried Tomatoes. ( gluten free)


What you were waiting for…

Reuben out in Public- 14 1/2                            

Roasted Corned Beef Piled on Griddle Toasted Rye, Dressed w/ a 2000 Island SAUCE, Caraway roasted shallots, Kraut, & Emmenthaler Swiss. SERVED W/ HOUSE Fries too.


The Richie Rich Kobe -16 1/2  

Char Grilled 10oz of Ground Kobe Beef on a Challah bun Loaded w/ smoked Cheddar, Tomato, Grilled Onion, Crisp Lettuce & Spicy pickeled pepper Dijon-naise. Don’t forget the house fries. A burger this tasty why would you mess with it?!


Fenneled up from the rib up -36

Grilled Crusted 14oz West Coast angus Rib-eye Steak Over Sauteed Summer Vegetables & topped w Shaved Fennel, Garden Herbs & Citrus Local Olive Oil. (gluten free)

Lemon Chixn Caper -17                       

Grilled Garlic Herb Soaked Chicken Over Greens & Bulgar Wheat Finished w/ Fried Caper Berries & a White Wine Butter Sauce.


Spicy Peachy Pork -18                           

Roasted Herb Crusted Pork Tenderloin Basted w/ a Chilied Peach Vinaigrette Over Almond Cous Cous.


Pasta Alla Cake-Ah -15                      

Pan Roasted Garlic, Local Olive Oil & vine ripened Tomato finished w/ Fresh Basil & Tossed w/ Thin Spaghetti Pasta.


Morbid Mac ’n’ Cheese -17                                      

Mixed cheese and Morbier with Herb N Citrus Toasted Panko. Yes it still is a Magical Synergy!


Chef’s Fish     Market Price

We’re always searching for Fresh Sustainable Fish. Talk with your Server about today’s catch.


Public Veggie     Market Price

Chef’s Special of What Veg Inspires! Confer with your Server about this week’s bounty. Our Quest to Find Fresh Local Vegetables helps to take Care of Our Vegetarians, Vegans, and Light Eaters.




Hostess NO’s Berry Pie -7

PUBlic House Spin on the Infamous 99cent Pie We All Shouldn’t Buy But Sometimes Do.


Plum Tart Tart - 5

Tart shell filled with lemon curd and plum compote


Chocolate Creeme Brulee -7

Rich Belgian Chocolate Dissolved in Vanilla Custard Finished w/ a Raw Sugar Crust. (gluten free)


For the little people…

Little people meals are served with choice of fruit, salad, or fries and milk, juice, or fountain drink. (And, you have to be under 12)


Mac & Cheese-7


Kid 3 oz Filet Mignon-7


Not Those Frozen Chicken Fingers -7


Legit Grilled Cheese Sammy-7


Baby Kobe Burger-10


We proudly use some of Temecula’s finest produce & products from…


Sage and De Luz Farms.

Refuge Brewery, Ironfire 

Café Bravo, Great Harvest in Temecula

Temecula Valley Cheese Company, Temecula Olive Oil Company,

and The Spice Merchant.